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authorZicklin 1 Jan, 2023

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I think I have a leak; what should I look for?

If you have any water leak in your home, it can be destructive in the long term if it goes unchecked for long. It is important to find the source of the leak and work towards repairing it to protect your property in the long run.

1. Expensive monthly water bill

In the hot summer months, Fox Cities residents typically take more showers, run their sprinkler systems and pools more frequently, and wash their cars and decks with power washers, all of which increase their water consumption. As a result, you can anticipate a higher-than-usual water bill during this time. However, if you have an unexpectedly high water bill and can't find the source, you may have a leak.

Turning off the water and then checking the metre is a quick test. It's likely that you have a hidden leak if the number has changed after two hours even though you haven't changed your water usage at all.

2. A musty or offensive odour

When you rule out garbage, dirty dishes, and laundry as potential sources of an unpleasant odour in your home or yard, you may be dealing with a leak. Mold and mildew produce odours and thrive in damp, wet environments, which are caused by leaks. You may also be dealing with a sewage leak if the smell is particularly bad. If you're worried about your health, you should probably act fat.

3. Excessive vegetation or a green lawn

Is there a patch of your lawn that looks unusually lush or overgrown? Have you noticed a soft spot in your grass? That might indicate a leak in the foundation. Leaving it untreated could ruin your lawn and lead to costly repairs for your home and other structures on your property.

4. The sound of water, whether running or dripping

If you hear water running or dripping after turning off all of the appliances, hoses, and faucets, then you likely have a leak. Though it may not appear significant at first, pinpointing the noise's origin promptly can help you zero in on the source of the problem and save you money. If you want to know for sure that water is not running somewhere, step one is to turn off all water and check your metre.

If you are looking for Leak dedection contractors near you, then Zicklin Contracting is the right company for you to hire. Want to know the reasons behind it? Check them out below:

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5. Damages

As part of your standard cleaning routine, check in the kitchen, around the windows, and behind the refrigerator. You should inspect the walls and floors for discoloration, stains, cracks, dampness, and warping or buckles. All of these could indicate the presence of leaks that need to be fixed.


General requirements for leaks contractors depending on where you live, contractors may need to be licensed or registered. Check with your state, county, and/or city to find out what is required. Then, make sure your contractor has the credentials and training required to perform the work:

• Relevant experience in Leaks
• Required permits
• Good reviews by customers at google
• Personal liability insurance
• Worker’s compensation
• Property damage coverage

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