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Make sure your building is compliant with the Local Law 10/11 through our inspection process.

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What is Local Law 10/11 NYC

According to the Local Law 10/11 of 1998, which is now called the Facade Inspection Safety Program (FISP), all buildings that are six stories or higher need to have their facades inspected regularly. This inspection includes checking anything that is mounted on the wall of the facade that can fall and cause injury or other property damage. These things include light fixtures, air conditioners, and even tiles.

This report is then submitted to the department of buildings (DOB). The inspection needs to be done by Qualified Exterior Wall Inspectors that are approved by the DOB. The report submitted to the DOB qualifies the building as either safe, safe with a repair and maintenance program, or unsafe.

At Zicklin Contracting, our professionals understand Local Law 10/11 thoroughly. We help you by inspecting your building’s facade and making sure that it is compliant with this law and its changing requirements.

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Benefits of Getting Your Facade Inspected by Us:

If you hire us to make sure your building is compliant with the Local Law 10/11 NYC, there are certain benefits you can enjoy. Here are some of them.

  • Experienced Facade Inspectors

    Our staff consists of facade inspectors with decades of experience under their belt. They know what to look for when inspecting your building’s exterior. With our certified and professional inspectors, you are in good hands.

  • Updated Knowledge of Local Law 10/11

    Our experts have a deep and updated knowledge about Local Law 11 Cycle 10 or as it's now known as Facade Inspection Safety Program. Using this knowledge, we make sure that your building remains compliant with this law and that its report is always submitted as safe.

  • We Construct As Per Guidelines

    Not only do we inspect to make sure your buildings are compliant with the law, but we also consider this law while executing our high-rise building constructions. This way, we ensure that your property’s facade is built keeping the law in mind.

  • We Take Corrective Actions

    At Zicklin Contracting, we help you remove any violations that may be present on your building’s facade. Our team works promptly and carefully to make your building up to code and standards.

Our Local Law 10/11 Inspection Work Process:

We have licensed home renovation contractor that help inspect your building’s compliance with the Local Law 10/11. And We work in five major areas- Bronx , Brooklyn, Manhattan, New York City, Queens . Understand how our process works below.

Initial Inspection

We perform a basic initial inspection of your building’s facade and share with you our findings.

Violation Removal

Our next step is to work on fixing the issues with the facade to make sure that it is according to the Local Law 10/11 requirements.

Final Report

A final report is prepared and shared with you so that you know your building is now up to code with this law.

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