Best Skylight Installation Services
in New York Area

Get beautiful Skylights installed on your roofs with the help of Zicklin Contracting.

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Best Skylight Installation Services
in New York Area

Skylight installation is required as per building codes in many areas of New York. Also, they are great for buildings that have dark inner areas and are in desperate need of natural light. We at Zicklin Contracting are the best roofing contractors that handle your skylight installation project from conception to completion.

We have deep knowledge and experience in skylight installation for both residential and commercial properties. Our licensed contractors do everything from repairing your old and damaged skylights to completely overhauling and installing new ones.

Our skylights are custom-built to fit the architecture of your building. They add to its beauty as well as give it the natural light and air it needs.

Why Choose Us for Skylight Installation?

Zicklin Contracting is the best general contractor that you can find when searching for “skylight installation near me”. Below are the reasons why you should hire us for your next skylight roof installation.

  • Affordable Skylight Installation

    When you compare our skylight installation cost with our competitors, you will see how affordable our prices are. What's more? We do not cut any corners and provide the best work at economical prices.

  • Roofing Experts

    Our team is an expert in providing roof installation services to residential and commercial customers. Apart from skylight installation, we handle all other types of roof installation. We provide complete all-around roofing solutions.

  • Thousands of Completed Projects

    Zicklin Contracting has successfully executed thousands of roof installations of all kinds. Our satisfied clients speak for the quality of our work so that we do not have to. If you hire us, you can be sure you are hiring a truly professional team.

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Types of Skylight Installation

Different types of skylights can be installed on commercial and residential buildings. Generally, commercial skylights are bigger in size and scale than residential ones. Below are some of the types of Skylights that can be installed:

  • Pyramid Shaped
  • Dome Shaped
  • V-Shaped
  • Tubular Skylight
  • Ventilating Skylight
  • Fixed Skylight

Pyramid, dome, and v-shaped are the general shapes in which the skylights can be built and installed. Whereas, tubular, ventilating, and fixed skylights are some of the most common and popular types of skylights.

The scintillating skylights are skylights that can open up to let in some fresh air along with natural light. They are also called roof windows. In many buildings, natural light is considered a must-have as it promotes a sense of comfort and positivity.


Our Skylight Installation Process:

Below is the process we follow when we are brought on to install your skylights.

Roof Inspection

Our roof inspectors visit your building and inspect its roof to determine the best place for the skylight’s installation.

Designing the Skylight

We design the best-suited skylight for your roof. It will be as per your requirements as well as what suits your roof better.


Finally, the last step is where our team installs the skylight on your roof.

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